Site News

03/23/2017 - WN7 is removed

An executive decision was made to remove obsolete WN7 rating from the site. It was triggered by observed impact of supremacy mode. Supremacy mode games are not always ending up with all 7 red tanks been killed. More often than not there are 2-3 tanks left in a defeated team what causes average kill rate to degrade for participating players over the time. WN8 and STAR1 would absorb this trend as they are driven by a baseline that is regularly recalculated. WN7 in turn is using an outdated formula taken from PC version of the game where supremacy mode is not a factor. Considering this a decision was made to remove WN7 and do not display it.

01/18/2017 - Expected Win Rate

Expected Win Rate - is a calculated value applied to players and tanks. It is calculated using linear regression statistical analysis.

Algorithm takes into account damage dealt, damage received, survival rate and other properties. Effect of each property is evaluated in the context of each tank using samples of the entire player community.

Effect of each property is estimated for each tank individually. So for one tank damage can be the most important factor but for another one spot rate takes the precedence.

Once general formula is calculated then player individual properties are evaluated and the final value is presented as the expected win rate.


A new tool implemented to track credits payout.


Credit card payments are accepted for clan registration on this page.


Secure HTTPS connection is now supported. If HTTPS protocol is selected then all data transfers would be encrypted. Try it here. Keep in mind that HTTPS works slower and traffic volume gets increased.


Clan Registrations are again accepted. See details on the clan page.


It is possible to upload a custom picture for players signature. Player needs to be logged it in order to see this option next to the signature section.


In order to improve general performance site was moved to another server. Some data related to the last week might be lost during the transition. It might be some glitches visible to the users. Please report to the administrators if you find them.


Clan Old Guys Reborn was registered for NA region.


Platoon penalty is back as again there is a demand from players to rollback all recent changes in STAR1 rating. All changes to be revisited and possibly implememted in a more acceptable to players way.


Due to the public protests returning STAR1 Super Unicum low boundary to 1.5 mark. I am going to do more research backed by new reports (that would be also available to public).

Objective is to place Super Unicum mark to highlight 1% of the best players and Unicum mark to highlight players from the top 10% who did not make it to the Super Unicum bracket (90-99% bracket).


Planing adjustments to STAR1 rating in order to give players a 1% bonus for each unlocked tier X tank assuming a) Tier X tank has at least 100 battles b) There are at least 1000 battles for all tanks that belongs to the line c) Average tier for this line above 5

Changes are intended to discourage rerolling.


Implemented color scale for win rate, damage ratio, survival rate, top gun, confederate medal count. Also did some adjustments to STAR1 scale

Check link to the current scale values for more details.


Removed platoon penalty from STAR1 to encourage people to platoon more.

After a long consideration I came to the conclusion that everything what "legally" improves win rate should be considered a "skill" and ability to sacrifice own ego or/and go through the social barriers in order to achieve higher stats by platooning is a very valuable skill.

Blitz is by nature a team game and ability or willingness to fight as a team (let say platoon is a team) is a positive thing, not something that player should be penalized.

There is no any doubt in my mind that win rate and platooning go along each other hand in hand but still let people get it just because they are social and willing to play a join strategy vs their own one.

I think players should platoon and those who don't because of social constraints or selfishness are inferior to those who do.

Winning is only what matters. Thus going solo and losing games is a bad attitude that does not deserve any provisions in ratings.