STAR1 Rating Calculation

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Player face4star

Win Rate 59.72
Battles 31917
Platoon Rate 8.36
Platoon Penalty Platoon Rate 8.36% * -0.1 = -0.84%
For STAR1 rating platoon victories and survivals are worth 10% less than what was achieved solo.
Average tier bonus/penalty Average Tier (7.52-7) * 0.035 = 1.82%
Players will receive a 3.5% bonus or penalty for each full tier above or bellow 7. Bonus could not be more than 7%.
STAR1 before average tier adjustment
STAR1 final
1186 From the Top


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Tier Breakdown

Tier 5678910 Total
Value 1.40431.44671.3921.37821.35151.2534  
Weight 0.12820.13890.15150.18330.20.2167
Weighted 0.180.20090.21090.25260.27030.27161.3863

Up to 6 highest tiers are considered. Three bottom tiers have the lowest weight and three upper tiers have the highest weight.


Battles Line Nation Tank Type Tier Premium Mastery

Tier Tank Win Rate % (0.17) Survival % (0.1) Kills/Btl (0.1) Hit Rate % (0.03) Avg Dmg (0.45) Avg Spot (0.15) Mastery (0.01) Total 1.01)
{{::ts.tank_stat.tank_name}} ({{::ts.tank_stat.battles}} Battles)
Player {{::ts.adjusted_win_rate | nfmt:2}} {{::ts.adjusted_srv_rate | nfmt:2}}
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Base {{::ts.base_stat.win_rate | nfmt:2}} {{::ts.base_stat.srv_rate | nfmt:2}} {{::ts.base_stat.kill_rate | nfmt:2}} {{::ts.base_stat.hit_rate | nfmt:2}} {{::ts.base_stat.avg_dmg | nfmt:0}} {{::ts.base_stat.spot_rate | nfmt:2}}  
{{::ts.win_rate_diff | nfmt:2}}%
{{::ts.srv_rate_diff | nfmt:2}}%
{{::ts.kill_rate_diff | nfmt:2}}%
{{::ts.hit_rate_diff | nfmt:2}}%
{{::ts.dmg_diff | nfmt:2}}%
{{::ts.spot_rate_diff | nfmt:2}}%

Win and survival rates are shown with an applied platoon penalty. So unless this player never platooned adjusted values would be less than nominal.

Values are compared with the median data on per tank basis. Tank must have tank tier multiplied by 10 battles to be considered.